Two New Anne Brontë 200 Books – Out Now!

Anne was a brilliant writer (as well as a talented artist) so it’s great to see some superb new books released to make this special Anne Brontë 200 year. Here are details of two new books that are a must for Anne Brontë enthusiasts – and we will bring details of more as they arrive throughout the year.

From Scarborough’s acclaimed textile artist Lindsay Tyson we have the ‘Anne Brontë p.200’ book. Lindsay is the driving force behind the project, and the woman who put it all together, but the book contains artwork from 200 diverse contributors. Each individual artist was given one page from Anne Brontë’s masterpiece The Tenant Of Wildfell Hall and then told to use this as inspiration to create a new Anne inspired artwork.

The results are staggeringly beautiful, and as well as seeing them in the exhibition at Scarborough (which is moving to the Brontë Parsonage Museum in Haworth in February) you can also purchase the book online and enjoy them at your leisure. Perfect for your coffee table, bookshelf or bedside table!

From Nick Holland, author of 2016’s critically acclaimed ‘In Search Of Anne Brontë’ we have ‘Crave The Rose: Anne Brontë At 200’. It has three distinct sections, and includes much material which has never been seen in book form before. Part one consists of a nine chapter biography, with each chapter headed with one of Anne’s fantastic poems. The second section contains a previously lost essay, which seems likely to have been the last writing that Anne Brontë ever produced – this is the first time it’s been available to the public. Finally we have a section of accounts of first person encounters with Anne and her family; taken from 19th and early 20th century newspapers and archives many have remained hidden ever since – until now!

You can buy ‘Crave The Rose: Anne Brontë At 200’ on Amazon, order it from your local bookshop or buy it directly from the publisher Valley Press – a most fitting publisher as they are based in Anne Brontë’s beloved Scarborough.